Get Your Annual Free Credit Report – Why Pay For It?


You can get an annual free credit report from any of the three major credit bureaus. If you have ever had credit, then there is a report on your borrowing and repaying at one of these bureaus – maybe all three. The Fair Credit Reporting Act is a law saying that every person is entitled to receive one annual free credit report once every twelve months from the credit bureaus.

Annual credit reports are very important because they contain all of the information about your credit history – not just for the past year, but for at least 7 years. When you request an annual free credit report, the credit bureau is not allowed to charge you for the first report. However, if you request more than one report, then you have to pay for the others.

There are many sites on the Internet that will charge you for a credit report. Therefore it is important to know that you do not have to pay for this service. By analyzing your annual free credit report once a year, you will have a clear idea of what your credit score is. Free annual credit reports will help you determine where your focus for the next year should be if you are looking to repair any bad credit items that appear on your report. FreeCreditScore.Com

If you have been denied credit and you think that it is unreasonable, then it would be in your best interest to request a free annual credit report. This is because with the amount of scams that exist, someone could be using your name to receive credit and then giving you a bad rating. If you are working on repairing bad credit that you have, an annual free credit report is enough to request. Credit scores do not raise overnight or because you made one payment on time. It takes at least a year to notice a marked increase, so you shouldn’t pay for extra reports.

When you receive your annual free credit report, you should carefully read all sections. All aspects of the credit report are included in computing a credit score, so you should pay attention to all of them. Check your address to make sure it is correct and compare the list of accounts to ensure that you have not missed any payments. The annual free credit report also contains a list of people or businesses that have requested credit information on you recently. You should also check this to see that all of these names are familiar to you.

You don’t need to pay, you can get an annual free credit report.

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What is a Free Credit Score?


What is a Free Credit Score?

A credit score is really a sort of fiscal report card. In the event you’ve ever taken out any type of credit then you will have your own credit file. A credit profile is simply a compilation of an individual’s borrowing background.

Main Components of a Free Credit Score:

You will discover 4 principal pieces for your credit profile:

1. identifying info
2. credit background
3. open public records
4. inquiries.

The private or identifying info will certainly include the different kinds of financial accounts you’ve got, the total quantity borrowed, how much if any credit is still available and also your payment history. FreeCreditScore.Com

In the event that you have had collections or perhaps missed or overdue payments, they might also appear on any of the reports.

A prospective credit lender will be largely interested in your numerical score that will be between 300 and 850 nevertheless it’s still important for you to thoroughly examine all items and make sure the data is correct.

Individuals can order their free annual credit report by mail, by telephone, as well as online. A good tip is to order your report through a separate credit agency once every 4 months to be able to take full advantage of your protection from fraud, unauthorised activity and errors.

TransUnion, Equifax and Experian are the 3 major credit bureaus that you can request your credit report through.

Credit reports now play a role in businesses making hiring decisions, landlords choosing renters and with insurance premiums.

Considering that there is so much riding on your credit report it’s vital you carefully check it for errors and also to confirm there have not been any accounts opened without your permission and to know if any other organizations were accessing your file.

Identity Fraud Is on the Rise

Identity thieves may make use of your information in order to open up a new credit card account in your name. Then, when they don’t pay the bills, the overdue account is reported on your credit file.

Identification Theft can certainly affect quite a few aspects of one’s life, causing you to get turned down for credit, refused a house rental, and might even cost you a new career! FreeCreditScore.Com

Monitoring your credit profile will be your very first path of security in protecting your id from theft and also to repair any problems as well as not authorized activity.

There’s a premium paid service provided through the credit reporting agencies known as Credit Monitoring. This specific program basically monitors your credit on a regular basis and will email you in the event there are any notable modifications made.

This way you can rapidly stop or correct anything that is not supposed to be taking place on your credit file.

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